Dear Friends in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Electronic giving allows for the transfer of funds from a bank or credit card account to the St. John’s bank account on a consistent basis (once a week, for example) and/or also on an irregular basis (Lenten services or mission Sundays, for example). 

If you are interested in making a donation in this way, you can press the Give Online button below.

Our usual means of receiving offerings will continue and we encourage those members who sign up for the electronic giving to consider still placing their envelopes in the offering plates that are passed and brought to the altar to remember our thanks to God for all He has given us and especially for the Word we received through our Pastor.  Placing the envelopes in the offering plates also provides an example for the children and members around us to witness our participation together in the presentation of thanks to our Lord.



Giving on your PHONE

If you would like to give to Church on your phone please click the like below to learn about the give+ app